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Flaming forges of Kalambaka

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*** Post updated: 03 Nov, 2017

Thanks for visiting my post!

For your leather, carpentry and enchants please visit Annyil's page

The flaming forges of Jaz provide you the following services:


* Weaponsmithing *
iron 70ql    -- 30c

iron 80ql    -- 50c

iron 85ql    -- 75c

iron 90ql    -- 1s

steel 70ql  -- 70c

steel 80ql  -- 1s

steel 90ql  -- 2s


* Dioptras and improve *
bronze 80ql -- 1s
bronze 90ql -- 2s

Need even higher ql? PM me here or ingame

* Blacksmithing *
tools, horseshoes, etc.
iron 50ql -- 15c

iron 70ql -- 30c
iron 80ql -- 50c
iron 90ql -- 1s
iron 95ql -- 4s

steel 80ql -- 1s (large anvil 2s)
steel 90ql -- 2s (large anvil 3s)


iron or copper lamps 50ql                          -- 15c

iron street lamps 50ql                                -- 30c

bronze, brass,silver or gold lamps 50ql     -- 30c


Special items made of other materials: ask for pricing

* Shieldsmithing *
iron shields 70ql (any size) -- 30c

iron shields 80ql (any size) -- 50c
iron shields 90ql (any size) -- 1s

steel shields 70ql (any size) -- 70c

steel shields 80ql (any size) -- 1s
steel shields 90ql (any size) -- 2s

* Chainsmithing *
Armour sets are 9 parts with coif
Chain set, iron or copper 70ql         -- 2s
Chain set, iron or copper 80ql         -- 2s50c
Chain set, iron or copper 90ql         -- 5s
Chain set, silver, steel or gold 80ql  -- 5s
Chain set, silver, steel or gold 90ql  -- 10s
Any other metal or ql: ask for offer

Chain horse bardings                       -- 0.5 x the price above of a complete chain armour set

* Platesmithing *
Armour sets are 9 parts with helm (great, basinet or open)
Iron plate set 70ql -- 2s
Iron plate set 80ql -- 2s50c
Iron plate set 90ql -- 5s

Steel plate set 70ql -- 3.5s
Steel plate set 80ql -- 5s
Steel plate set 90ql -- 10s


* Stonecutting tools *

mortar and pestle, baking stone, grindstone, etc.
stone 70ql -- 30c
stone 80ql -- 50c

stone 90ql -- 1s

marble 70ql -- 60c
marble 80ql -- 1s

marble 90ql -- 2s

* Imping services *
Imping fee from any ql to lowest ql above: -- same as the price of the items shown.
Imping fee to higher ql levels from the lowest levels above: -- the price difference between the respective prices
* imping an any ql shield to 80ql is 50c
* imping a 83ql shield to 90ql is 50c
* imping a 73ql iron shield to 80ql is 20c


* Ship imping *

to 70ql -- 45c

to 80ql -- 75c

to 90ql -- 1s50c

* Strongwall casts (collapse mine entrance or tile) *
First tile to collapse                                                                                                                 -- 1s
Additional tile to collapse, Magranon or Nahjo altar available nearby (same location and job)    -- 50c
Additional tile to collapse, no altar (same location and job)                                                          -- 1s
Travel fee (depending on travel distance)                                                                               -- free to max 1s

* Courier (mailbox) and genesis casts (remove bad traits from animals) *

min. 80 power, but at least 3 casts                                                                               -- 1s

min. 90 power, but at least 3 casts                                                                               -- 4s

Genesis base package (3 casts, removes 3 bad traits in total)                                     -- 1s

Genesis additional casts  (same location and job)                                                              -- 30c

Travel fee (depending on travel distance)                                                                      -- free to max 1s



Items are made upon request, please don't expect instant availability although it may happen :)

Reply here
PM Jaz or Zaj ingame
Forum PM Jaz
My timezone: GMT+1 - Central European Time
Delivery options:
Pickup at various locations on Freedom Servers, actually there is at least one location on each server
COD - 1c / item 



I keep the right to COD to selected customers only, as well may not COD orders above 4s to other than returning/trusted customers.

Edited by Jaz
thread title changed back
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Just sent:


1x large iron shield to Spuddles

4x large iron shield to Xarban


Will be there within 10 minutes, thanks a lot!

Edited by Jaz

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Bllade: [02:48:24] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.


Many thanks!

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Due to the big interest (to my happy surprise anyway :) ), I needed to refill my stock.

Now some large shields are available again at the same 50c - would any of you want normal ones as well?

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kaizoo, shield is on its way, should be there in 10 minutes - many thanks!

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just a bump - still a bunch of large and normal 80ql iron shields are awaiting you ->

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Please CoD a large shield to bodgemonkey if you would, thanks.

Edited by Bodge

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Thanks a lot, large shield will be available in 1 minutes on bodgemonkey.

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pls be no mad on my bump here...

only current stock to go, no more probably as grindig focus is changed now after reaching Master title :P

Edited by Jaz

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