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WTS ql90+ veggies / cotton / boats

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11k garlics ql 95

10k onions ql 95

4k pumpkins ql 93

2k barley ql 92

1k strawberries ql 92


below 90ql:

3k pumpkins ql 85



3k cotton ql 93


Small sailing boats

birchwood ql 36, locked with anchor, colored R=173 G=77 B=77

pinewood ql 35, locked with anchor, colored R=72 G=72 B=179


Seller and location

In game name: Fendir. Time zone GMT+1. Usually I'm on from 21:00 to 02:00, sometime also from about 13:00 to 14:00. During weekends I play more so easier to meet.

Location: Xanadu J11

Can deliver for orders >= 4k (max 13.8k each travel). Pickup available at J11.


1s for 1k veggies

1s for one boat


Pickup location images:

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