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[Please Close] WTS Deed/Horses Pristine

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Looking to get rid of my old deed on Pristine. I may just collapse all the buildings and disband, but it may be of interest to someone, if so then I can put up some more info. Main points of interest may be the horses and the large number of enchanted grass tiles.


Deed is Ellan Vannin at X24 Y6 on the community map


It's in the south of the server close to the Release border


The size of Ellan Vannin is 51 by 32.
The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired.
The settlement has 4 silver, 90 copper and 74 iron in its coffers.
The monthly cost is 3 silver, 26 copper and 40 iron.
The upkeep will last approximately 42 days, 2 hours and 20 minutes more.


Features include

Guard Tower 50+ql

9 buildings. Only one of real note is an 8x4 stone warehouse with a thatched and slated roof.

Small mine that has 2 iron veins. Other mines near by with more iron and lead.

The area has undergone a lot of terraforming so lots of level areas that have been lowered or raised from the sea including 2 small islands

About 200 enchanted grass tiles spread over 12 fenced in enclosures.

About 40 - 50 horses, mostly 4 and 5 speed.

About 10 cows and bulls, mostly 3 or 4 speed :)

Tile of clay raised from the sea bed just off deed.

4 tar tiles on deed.

About 20 oak trees, mostly very old or old.

Lots of unused tiles mostly packed or grass which were farm land.

Lots of grape bushes, oleander, lavender on deed and perimeter. Also lots of trees, mostly pine.

Path of Love tile.


PM if you want more details or just drop by to take a look as the deed is open to walk around.

Have an alt on deed so happy to sell horses to anybody wishing to collect. (PM for horse details)

Looking to move quickly, as mentioned above I may just collapse it all. Have my knarr ready to sail back and planning to slaughter all animals, pack enchanted tiles and collapse buildings on Sunday.

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