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Medium QL Weapons. Swords Knives Axes LOW PRICES

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Reegsman's Weapon Sales

Offering the middle QL WeaponSmithing goods you need!


Currently in Stock:

60ql for 30c

65ql for 40c

70ql for 50c

75ql for 60c


+ 10c MAIL for ANY item listed below!!! 

10 minute delivery via mail


Here is the list of available items: 



Carving Knife

Butchering Knife





Short Sword

Long Sword

Two-Handed Sword



Small Maul


Large Maul



Small Axe


Huge Axe (2H) 



Rare and Enchanted Items

Longsword 75ql  Flaming Aura 55  Self Healer's Demise  1.5s

Maul 80ql  Nimbleness 70  Frostbrand 89  CoC 73  Mind Stealer 74  Animal's Demise  4s

Carving Knife 75ql  CoC 30  70c

Carving Knife 75ql WoA 27  70c


Rare Carving Knife 80ql 8.5s





I will be happy to add ANY Demise spell of your choice for just 10c on ANY weapon!



Located on Xanadu, add 10c for Cross Server Mail


I am always willing to barter for iron (that you deliver)


Contact Information:


Reegsman or Dexman on Xanadu.


If you respond here, your order WILL get done, but may take a day to get the order.

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