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The Chaos No-Raid-Zone Incident

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Greetings Wurmians!


A few days ago a situation on Chaos developed in which we had to ban a number of members.  As there is currently a lot of false assumptions and misinformation about the issue I have decided to explain to everyone publicly the course of events that lead to this in order to reduce the accusations and inappropriate claims being made of us.


A while back, the mayor of the deed in question filed a support ticket concerning influence problems.  Believing this to be a normal maintenance situation we waited for a maintenance cycle before investigating further.  In the meantime, raiders came and attacked the deed, followed by support tickets by the raiders about bugs encountered with the deed.


After the following maintenance cycle, we began looking into the deed situation and did find some strange issues.  Due to the changing dynamic of Chaos I placed a No Raid Zone over the deed while we investigated these issues and to prevent further incidents of the reported bugs encountered when attacking this particular deed.


Over the next few hours a band of raiders violated the "NO RAIDING ALLOWED" zone.   I specifically told the owner of the deed that PVP was allowed and attacking the deed itself was not allowed.  After reviewing the logs we did ban any member who altered or attacked the bugged deed.  We even ordered that the drain money be returned which has been done after the zone was removed.


One of my statements was misinterpreted by the deed defenders and I was less than pleased with what I saw upon returning to continue the investigation.  I did not in any way state or intend for their to be no pvp at this location.  We would have initiated other tools and methods if that were the case.  This was strictly an issue regarding terrain and kingdom influence, and that was the extent of the investigation.  There were no skill, avatar, or pvp related bugs.


Both sides of this issue are very upset over the incident and both sides have made demands that have no sound grounds for fulfillment.  We have no reason to ban anyone else in this matter, extend any of these implemented bans further, or compensate for work, materials, or skills lost.  This situation was abused in several ways by both sides, and contrary to what those involved think, they only know their own side of the story, and need to put on their big boy britches and move on.


We have read the complaints by both sides and we know that each side thinks they have a compelling argument, but we cannot allow members to disregard our directives, even for misread statements or technicalities.


Thank you,

Enki (Head Game Master)


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