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Prices for enchants: How do you get your final price?

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I have seen many prices for enchanted items and would like to know how people get the final product price?  For example, how do you work out the prices for varying levels of WoA, CoC, LT, and so forth?  How do you factor the ql of the tool into this?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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First - and I'm sure you probably guessed this... but it varies a bit by person.


As far as quality is concerned... it depends on the tradeskill in question, the rarity of the skill at high level and market conditions.  For example... I charge more for 90ql weapons than I would a 90ql blacksmithed tool or leatherworking item.  Why?  Because there are many more 90+ skill blacksmiths than there are weaponsmiths... and because it takes significantly longer to reach 90 skill in weaponsmithing than most skills.  Thus, in this example, many will charge 1s for a 90ql tool.  Thus, I charge 1.5s to 2s for a 90ql weapon.  Not all 90+ weaponsmiths do this... but I do.


Enchant pricing is more tricky in my experience.  However, usually I will find other threads on the forums (merchant ad section usually) from other folks doing enchanting and determine how I feel about their pricing.  Most charge a base amount for casts 60 strength and under (ie: 1c per power up to 60 power, etc).  After 60 power (and some more skilled enchanters follow this rule after 70 power) I'll charge more at 70, 80, 90 and 100+ cast strength.  It scales up pretty quickly once you get to 90 power.  It also depends on the difficulty of the spell - for example... I'd charge 60c for a 60-65 CoC cast maybe... but twice that amount  if it's Mindstealer (it takes more favor and another priest to cast).  Life Transfer is in another tier altogether imho - highly desirable and a limited amount of casters overall.  Many charge 3x the amount for  Life Transfer cast of 70+ power.  


This is very relative of course and again, varies by person.  Sometimes I'll also vary my pricing depending on market conditions - how flooded I perceive it is, or perhaps how many recent posts I see for selling enchanted items.


hope it helps.



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