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[Release] Linkoping Market - Horses, bisons (5 Speed), Weapons (70), Jewelry (70), Tools (80), Enchanted Items

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(x16, y35) The village is at the south shore of Mercury Lake.

Items for sale:
(Will trade for Seryll lumps)
QL 70 weapons for sale. - 40c.
All weaponsmithing items available
Everything always in stock.
There are QL 50 shields available for a low price aswell.
Blacksmithing tools and also carpenty tools like grooming brush, spindle are available.
Tools are priced at 35c (QL80).

Enchanted QL90 tools available, regular QL 90 can be made to order.

There are also misc items such as anvils and anchors for sale.



Merchants have a variety of enchanted items for sale. CoC, WoA, Frostbrand, Nimbleness, Animals Demise etc.    
Low QL skillgrinders are available.
Jewelry smithing items QL 70 (pendulums, statuettes, bird cage, metal altars etc) are for sale, or can be made to order.




Masonry skill 92. Can build stone houses to level 12. Can plan stone brick bridges 33 tiles long. Marble 32 tiles.

Stone cutting 61. Can make all items, including both the marble tables.

Rectangular marble table (QL60) - 30c

Round marble table (QL 60) - 30c

High imping service for forges etc can also be done.


We also sell 5 speed horses. These are the fastest horses possible. All colors available.
Feel free to come and check out what you want - we'll have it. Price is 50c for any horse.
I usually don't keep any gray in stock, let me know in advance if you want that color (usually noone does).
All horses are 6 or 7-trait horses (5-speed + Tough Bugger or Strong&Healthy). Of course never any useless traits, ever.



Speed bisons - amazing wagon/cart pullers. Once up to speed - constantly pulls at full speed (18 km/h - never slows down). No equipment necessary.
Bisons are the best pullers for wagons. Once you go speed bison - you don't go back. All bisons have 5 speed + Strong&Healty trait.
5-speed bison: 50 c



Also selling wagons and carts.

Wagon - 1s.

Cart - 20c.


Hides, Cotton & Wemp:
QL 10 - 1c per 100 hides     QL 60 - 20c per 100 hides
QL 25 - 1c per 100 hides     QL 70 - 50c per 100 hide
QL 35 - 2c per 100 hides     QL 80 - 2c per hide
QL 45 - 10c per 100 hides   QL 90+ - 5c per hide
QL 55 - 15c per 100 hides   (1 hide = 3kg)
Cotton QL 75+ - 1s per 1k.
Wemp QL 85 - 1s per 1k.
All other crops also available QL 80+ - 1s per 1k


From time to time, there may be some cows and other animals for sale. 30c.


These are pickup only
Mailbox available for other items.
Inside Fortress of Linkoping there is a trader for public service

You may also visit and admire the beautiful Colossus of Vynora

Welcome! Have a look and have a sightseeing at the same time!
Mayor of Linkoping

Edited by Jukken
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good luck with bussines, your deed looks amazing

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Some minor adjustments.

Added wagons and carts.

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Added masonry and stone cutting items

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Thus speed-bisons are real nice pullers, feel unstoppable ! :D


Thanks for the transaction !

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