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Alliance combat spells for Team also (Redundant: please close)

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This is a Light of Fo issue to the best of my knowledge, though there may be other casts affected.


Please encourage people to use Team functionality for fighting/hunting parties, rather than forcing them to change their alliance settings. People get left out because they are not in Alliance, and it is not good for security settings for people to suddenly be in a hunting alliance when they are not in the hunt.


Please tweak default team setting to allow added members to add new members to support this.


Edit: Light of Fo now works for Kingdom rather than Alliance !

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+1 Team should do this. I had to change villages because I don't own a deed on Release any more and ended up not being able to rejoin my home village for 24 hours after leaving the "Team Alliance" for a kill, which meant I could not even get into my own gates when I got home.


Team can probably make many more things better but this one is almost a must.

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