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Sold, please close

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Looking for a quick sale.  This deed was created the 1st day of Pristine.  Just a short walk North of Blossum, on the North facing shore. If you know the area, it has the 2 giant Colossus statues at the mouth of it's little harbor/docks area.  Most buildings have been removed, except for a dock warehouse and "vineyard" building.  Several BSBs and various stuff, but nothing major of value on deed.


Location is great for access to Blossum market and a quick sail over to Xanadu.


GOLD:  The mines are fairly well developed and 8 gold veins (7 on deed, 1 perim) and 1 silver uncovered.  More to discover.  Utmost and VG gold veins uncovered on deed.


Large horse pen, with several horses and all enchanted grass.  Not sure on quality of horses, since my AH main hasn't been there to read them.


Most of the surface is covered by a vineyard, with a winery in the middle of vineyard.


55x26 in size.  G15 in-game map.

2.86 silver upkeep

42 days upkeep left


Not going to bother with pics. Not looking for much, just a quick sale to someone that could use it for the gold and location.


Price 9 silver.

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