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Arcadia is a new settlement on Exodus freedom. X13, Y14/15 (right on the line) if your using Exodus map. If your using game map its 12, G/H. 

We are looking for friendly team players who want to be a part of something bigger. We are a small deed at the moment but are looking to expand to build a whole city eventually. 

Everyone here pitches in helping each other out and looking after the deed, whether thats improving, feeding, grooming, mining, farming or building. 

We are also part of a large, amazing and helpful alliance - The Exodus Republic. Which spans quite a few deeds around the area. 

We accept new or old players, any skill level.

If your a helpful team player looking for like minded individuals to share in your Wurm experience and want to help create an amazing city then please ask for Jesabella in game or pop over to Arcadia for a look round.

Hope to hear from you soon :)

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