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Lunar Order Armory & Legendary Support Beams Factory

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Welcome Wurmians to Lunar Armory! (Old Support Beams Factorytm)


I'm glad to present you Lunar Armory!  And I'd love to offer you my goods. From armors and tools, to crops and bulk lamps and support beams! Also I'm glad to mention, that old and famous Support Beams Factory works again!.

I hope that you'll enjoy my offer, and all of you might be sure that I'll do my best to extend and improve my offer as much as I can!


Orders Tracking: 


Current Orders Status :  
None orders atm.

Lunar Support Beams Factory:


Famous Support Beams Factory is back in business! Since the beginnings my Factory sold over 11.5, already over 20k Support Beams for dozens of customers through out all Wurm's Lands! My Beams were the most frequently chosen ones for individual customers and their own project and needs, also my Beams supported dozens of public projects: Mines/ tunnels/ canals, including a hellish long Xana tunnel from o8, up to M10! What's more, my support beams were used in all Freedom Islands, as well as Chaos, were they supported or probably still support many PMKs and their Castles! Beams from my Factory were even used to pen, save and make a home for first and only Dragon hatched from egg on Xanadu!


Support Beams: 4s/100
Concrete: 1s/ 100


Lunar Merchant- Rares: 


  1. 1x Rare Frying Pan, iron- 81QL
    Price: 1.5s/ ea
  2. 1x Rare bone, 100QL
    Price: 18s
  3. 1x Rare Champagne, 10 uses left
    Price: 1.5s



 Lunar Merchant- Enchants (outdated, ask for availability): 



  1. Lump Iron, 71QL, 27kg (C71, W89)- 1s
  2. Hatchet, iron, 81QL (C73)- 60c
  3. Hatchet, iron, 75QL (C47, W59)- 50c
  4. Hatchet, steel, 1QL (C87)- 70c
  5. Pickaxe, iron, 81QL (C27, W82)- 1s 5c
  6. Pickaxe, iron, 38QL (C57)- 15c
  7. Butchering Knife, iron, 12QL (C72)- 50c
  8. Butchering Knife, iron, 64QL (C85)- 85c
  9. Butchering Knife, iron, 43QL (C51)- 40c
  10. Shovel, iron, 73QL (W59)- 60c
  11. Shovel, iron, 76QL (W67)- 70c
  12. Whetstone, 96QL, 2.5DMG (W97)- 1.5s
  13. Whetstone, 97QL, 7.7DMG (C72, W74)- 1.2s
  14. File, iron, 80QL (C70)- 80c
  15. Saw, iron, 76QL (C83, W69)- 1.3s
  16. Mallet, pinewood, 71QL (C52, W92)- 1.4s
  17. Stone Chisel, iron, 71QL (C19)- 10c
  18. Leather Knife, iron, 79QL (C75)- 70c
  19. Rake, iron, 4QL (C74)- 60c


Horse Gear:

  1. Saddle, 63QL (W75)- 70c
  2. Saddle, 81QL (W76)- 1.4s
  3. Horseshoe, iron, 80QL (W74)- 80c
  4. Horseshoe, iron, 79QL (W74)- 80c
  5. Horseshoe, iron, 83QL (W80)- 90c
  6. Horseshoe, iron, 80QL (W78)- 80c



  1. Plate Gauntlet, steel, 80QL (A91)- 1s
  2. Plate Gauntlet, steel, 83QL (A57)- 50c
  3. Plate Sabaton, steel, 83QL (A88)- 90c
  4. Plate Sabaton, steel, 82QL (A61)- 60c
  5. Breast Plate, steel, 80QL (A53)- 60c

 Lunar Merchant- Misc: 

  1. Spyglass, brass
    Price: 2s picked, 3s delivered

  2. Fireworks, 80QL x2
    Price: 1s/ ea
  3. Sleep Powder, x17
    Price: 1s/ ea- 90c/ ea picked up
  4. Dragon Scale Pieces, 0.18kg
    Price: 9s

  5. Metallic Liquid, 75QL- [20:35:52] A metallic liquid mixed with tiny black flakes. Smear this on an item to protect it once from shattering during enchants. This has a very low nutrition value.  x1
    Price: 3s/ ea


Lunar Workshop Offer


Blacksmithing Up to 91QL





1) Iron Tools:

  • 90QL- 80c
  • Steel versions +20c
  • Other metals for negotiations!


2) Horseshoes sets:

  • 90QL set- 1.5s

3) Iron Street Lamps:

  • 10x 50QL package- 1.5s
  • 10x 60QL package- 2.5s
  • Higher QL orders to negotiation


Dioptra (limited stock):

  • 70QL- 80c

*Higher/ lower QL and different metals up for negotiations*






1) Almanacs 50QL+: 25c


2) Studded Leather sets/ Leather Sets:

  • 81QL- 1.5s (Brown Bear helmet version available +20c)


3) Saddles:

  • 81QL- 70c


4) Toolbelts:

  • 80QL- 50c


4) Brown Bear helmets and other leather caps

  • 81QL- 50c


5) Leather bardings:

  • 81QL- 1s


6) Misc:

  • Rugs, backpacks, quivers, water skins, bridles- 10c (50QL+)

*Higher/ lower QL up for negotiations*




Plate Armor smithing:



1) Plate armor sets:

a) Steel:

  • 81QL- 4s  (Helmet chosen by customer: Open Helmet, Basinet or Great Helmet)

b) Iron:

  • 81QL- 2s  (Helmet chosen by customer: Open Helmet, Basinet or Great Helmet)


Great Helmets/ basinets:

  • 81QL- 70c (Iron 45c)

*Higher/ lower QL and different metals up for negotiations*




Chain Armor smithing: 




Chain Armor iron sets:

  • 81QL- 2s (Available versions: copper +20c/ steel +50c/ gold +50c/ bronze +1.2s)


Iron Chain bardings:

  • 81QL- 2s (Available versions: copper +30c/ gold +1s/)


*Higher/ lower QL and different metals up for negotiations*





Shield smithing & Tortoise shields from Lunar Tortoises Farm!:




Small/ Medium/ Large Shields made of Iron or Wood:

  • 81QL- 35c


Tortoises Shields Stock:

[21:01:18] A strange shield made from a tortoise shell.

  • 57QL
  • 72QL
  • 79QL
  • 50QL
  • 66QL
  • 70QL
  • 87QL
  • 80QL
  • 58QL
  • 35QL
  • 62QL
  • 48QL
  • 67QL
  • 58QL
  • 54QL
  • 69QL

Price: 1c/ 1QL


*Higher/ lower QL and different metals up for negotiations*







Carpentry Tools:

  • 80QL- 25c


*Higher/ lower QL and different carpentry items for negotiations*



Lunar Winery Offer:

Jackal Winner's Wine (Red Wine)- 70c per 45 liters barrel x45 in stock
Seris Wolf's Wine (White Wine)- 70c per 45 liters barrel x55 in stock



Orders History:


Theshawv's Order: Sent
400x Support Beams
Price: 16s


Windstan's Order: Sent
2x Ticket- Miner's Joy & Shiny Bag
Price: 70c


Minnasaulus Order: Sent
1x Ticket- Miner's Joy

Price: 40c


Olloyd's Order: Sent
1x Almanac- Done
1x Plate set- Done
1x Ticket- Miner's Joy- Done
Price: 4.15s


Toolhead's Order: Sent
1x Ticket- Shiny Bag 
Price: 30c


Jaz's Order: Sent
1x Ticket- Miner's joy
Price: 40c


Spytee's Order: Sent
2x Ticket- Miner's Joy & Shiny Bag
Price: 70c


Biervampyr's Order: Delivered
8x Sleep Powder
Price: 7.5s


Thompsons's Order: Sent
1x Studded Armor Set- 81QL
Price: 1.5s


Kekstier's Order: Sent
2x Chain Sleeve, Seryll- ~75QL
Price: 5.5s


Vernex's Order: Sent
1x Rare Hammer- 99W, 95C, 44AS, 61MS, Rune- ~91QL
Price: 8s


Eleraan's Order: Sent
1x Pickaxe- 91BotD- 71QL
Price: 40c


Vomusu's Order: Sent
1x Rare Right Basic Pad- 1.2dmg- 75QL
Price: 1.5s


Aaedean's Order: Sent
1x Rare Chain Sleeve, steel-  22QL
Price: 1.25s


Zeernebooch's Order: Sent
1x toolbelt- 80QL
Price: 50c


Permo's Order: Sent
1x needle- 89C, 74QL

1x Spear, steel- 70N 79LT 79C AD
Price: 2.75s


Olloch's Order: Sent
1x Rare Large Metal Shield, iron- 91C 83QL

2x Skull Pad- 75QL ea
Price: 9s


Permo's Order: Sent
1x pickaxe- 91C, Fo rune, 79QL
Price: 1.25s

Traveler's Order: Sent
22x Rift Stone
Price: 1.6s


Traveler's Order: Sent
17x Rift Crystals
Price: 1.3s


Huser's Order: Sent
5x bridle- 51QL

6x leather barding- 51QL done

5x Saddle- 81QL done
Price: 7s


Morok's Order: Sent
1x Studded set- 81QL
Price: 1.4s


Araxiel's Order: Sent
1x maul with LT87 MS92 BotD95 AD- 73QL
Price: 3s


Ammar's Order: Sent
1x Rare Shovel with 66CoC, 73WoA, Lead rune of Fo- 87QL
Price: 5s

Rosered's Order: Sent
1x Toolbelt- 80QL
Price: 50c


Ajblack's Order: Sent
3x Pottery Valentines
1x Rare Pickaxe- 86QL
Price: 4.5s

Amath's Order: Sent
9x Sleep powder- 80QL
Price: 8.1s


Jeanbean's Order: Sent
1x Chain Armor set, iron (copper coif)- 71QL
Price: 1.4s


Quicksilver's OrderSent
1x Chain Armor set, steel- 80QL
Price: 3s

Dredsol's OrderSent

1x Hatchet 83ql w 83

1x Butcher Knife 82 ql coc 32
Price: 75c


Ahnimal's OrderSent
1x Supreme Forge- 84QL
Price: 25s


Mrcak's OrderSent
1x Rake- 4QL, C72
Price: 50c


Mousepad's OrderSent
1x Rare Frying Pan- 81QL
Price: 1.5s


Folke's Order: Sent
1x Metallic Liquid
Price: 3s


Cigarau's Order: Sent

1x Rare Pickaxe, iron- 90QL, CoC82, WoA88

Price: 4s


Fineal's Order: Sent
5x Horseshoe set, 80QL
Price: 3s


Bloodscythe Order: Delivered
600x Support Beam
Price: 24s


Thiagomg's Order: Sent

1x Rare Frying Pan, iron- 80QL

Price: 1.5s


Shrimpiie's Order: Sent
1x Metallic Liquid
Price: 3s


Wladcan's Order: Sent
1x Picnic Basket
Price: 1s


Jimbean's Order: Sent
1x necklace of focus

1x used ring of the eye

1x Artisan Ring- Exorcism
Price: 50c


Bigbuoy's Order: Sent
2x Adamantine Lump- 0.36kg 87QL & 89QL
Price: 2s


Killerspike's Order: Sent
1x Red Dragon Blood
Price: 1.5s


Nachtiti Order:
100x Support Beams- Done, Delivered

10x 50QL lamps- Done, Delivered
1x Rare Frying Pan- Sent
Price: 7s


Mordoskull Order: Sent

Dragon Scale Pieces, 0.18kg
Price: 7.20s


Phoenixus Order: Picked up

10k Dirt

Price: 7s


Neville Order: Sent

Rare Bone

Price: 18s


Tclunatic's Order: Sent

1x Rare Frying Pan, iron- 80QL

Price: 1.5s

Alternative payments:

No other payment methods atm



Blacklist (People that i won't trade with)

Mickaell- ingame name Falgorn- For thievery

Echo - ingame name Placebo

Yldrania/ Ajblack- Unreliability, fishy practices and behaviors.

Edited by Alkhadias
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Thank you for responding, beams normally fits into the crate? So If buyers willing I can finish them of course :)


thanks again!

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Nice point on the crates, never tried to transport finished beams that way. 


Fast and reliable supplier of support beams. Thx Alkhadias.

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I've made order status, to make it more clear for you. 



1) Green- Feel free to submit orders up to 1000 beams with normal delivery time!

2) Orange- Factory is working on bigger orders, may do up to 500 beams in normal delivery time! (larger orders may be delayed)

3) Red- You may submitting any orders, but priority is given to orders being executed. 

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I can supply ribbons and crafting time. Am close nearby. If interested, hit me up in game (same name)

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Hello! Thanks to all customers and to all players for support and feedback!


All prices, are set down to 4c per beam!

Free Delivery to all coastal places on Xanadu, regardless of ordered amount! (free delivery for other servers for orders over 250 beams)

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Thank you guys, always to your service!


Next changes in my offer! Now free delivery includes also Deliverance!


Best regards!

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Friendly bump =D 


The place looks good and Alkhadias is a very helpful player =) I was lost near his deed once and he recovered me ^..^ helped me get back safely


If you need support beans contact him!  

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I'd like to order 600 support beams delivered to Waterdeep (M8 on the in game map) on Pristine.

Preferably delivered in 2 cedarwood large crates

Feel free to PM me as needed.

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Pleasure doing business with you Alkhadias.


For those interested, I highly recommend this seller. ;)

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Best beam service in the business, was at my place didnt even know and was trusted to just drop off :) Thanks again, my go to for beams and other great service.

Edited by zalifear

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All orders will be send in few hours. :)



*Important Info*


We need a few days (2-5) to restock our materials. Of course if anyone want to place an order, there's no problem! Just keep in mind that we'll start working on next orders after this time. 


Sorry for troubles, we'll do our best to refill stock as soon as possible :)


Best regards folks!

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250 Beams delivered well before estimated time.  Highly recommend this service!

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I'd like to order 100 Beams (in crate) delivered to West Harbour, K8 Xanadu. 

Edited by Guruen

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Thank you for order Guruen :) see you tomorrow! EDIT: Or today rather :P


RealHexuz, you're welcome to order beams anytime :)

Edited by Alkhadias

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A prompt delivery and great to chat to through the whole process.  :)



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