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Hello fellow Wurmians!


If you're a new player, welcome to the world of Wurm. For veterans, welcome back!


I'm Mayor of Shattered City, a small, growing community located at Newspring S9 and looking for fellow villagers.


Here at our city, we do not ask for high skills, a lot of time spent grinding, nor do we ask for any donations (time, items or products) We simply ask you enjoy the game and hone your personal skills within a tight-knit community. Giving you a chance to explore and feel the game how you choose without having to work. After time we'll part as friends.


Upon joining you will have a 4x4 plot where you can start your adventure by building your first house (Materials supplied)


Water and food provided, plenty of trees, iron and marble on deed


Mid-High quality tools available for everyone


Access to the sea is now available by our canal.



So, if you'd like to join, make some friends, level and enjoy the game without feeling indebted message me!


Forums- Zanada

In-game- Zanada


If I'm unreachable as I'm on GMT timezone /tell Tranderas 


Thanks for reading, and enjoy your very own adventure!



P.S Here are some pictures:


Building Area


Main City

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Hiya, I'm new to the point i have't even loggin in yet, but i would love to join you. It sounds like a lovely community ^^

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