Black Forest Nemeton Recruiting - Quests for villagers!

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We have a Questlog for villagers! Complete quests for the village or alliance to earn rewards like enchanted tools or a new  weapon!


We have an alliance market to the south of us, hopefully plenty of trading opportunities there, check out the pictures here


Looking to recruit a few new villagers to our deed at Q13 in the SW of Xanadu located >here<. We are 20 mins sail from Newspring and 15 mins sail from Lormere. The village was founded July 2014 and will be around a long time yet.

 It is 18:20:45 on day of Tears in week 4 of the starfall of the Saw in the year of 1042. The settlement of Black Forest Nemeton has just been founded




We are looking for anyone to join whether you have just joined the game or are a seasoned vet looking to lower your monthly bills or even just for some company.




The aim of the village is to provide a living, breathing, castle experience with optional roleplay elements. I've seen many castles in my wurm travels but they always seem empty and un-lived in. We'd like to make a place like that a reality!




You will be provided a bed in the tavern with your own locked chest for storage and use of communal facilities in the main castle. If you stick around a while a room in either the  tavern or a tower of the castle is yours, If you stick around even longer a small plot to build your own house can be provided.




We have 2 large fields for farmers and a stock of horses, sheep and cows for the breeders among you. We have altars to all of the gods split between the village and market temple and several mines with all the vein types.




The main castle is half built so there is plenty of work left to do. So far we have a boat cave in progress, an expansion to our docks planned and 2 more orchards for maples and grape vines. We also have a highway project in the alliance planned from Lormere to Linton.




We will take in mostly anyone and ask nothing from you to stay at the deed, although donations towards upkeep are always welcome  ;), there are lots of us living here at the minute with plenty of space for more.




Anyone interested in joining should fill out a simple application form here http://blackforest.g....php?gid=459659


Looking forward to hearing from anyone interested to join.




Here is our photo album from the very start of the deed, enjoy  ;) (Newest pictures first)







Our alliance highway project


Some work on the highway





The finished highway bridge





Our highway bridge above New Sparta P14




Newest Construction



A long term villagers housing in our long term plot above the western farm





Our nemeton namesake





Some rooms off the north tunnel





View of the castle from the outer courtyard





The inner courtyard





The northeastern castle tower from the inner courtyard




Further Construction


The farm mill



The tavern and stables



The docks



The olive orchard



The tailoring hall



The carpentry hall




View of the castle main entrance hall





New Castle bridge entrance



The Tavern


The tavern workers





Private balcony and view from the tavern penthouse suite





Tavern penthouse suite




Tavern bunkroom for visitors


Plenty of wine is drunk after long sessions working on the deed




First Construction


Gm's make all our tools





Even Gm's want to sail to our docks





Docks under construction





A mystical foggy winter morning





A view from the entrance of the tunnel north





A view from the tavern facing north along the market road





Our tree farm!





A view of the tavern facing south along the market road





A quiet rest area facing the bay at the castle end of the market road





The view from the rest area





Second floor of the castle almost complete





The storage barn, now with roof!





The stables now also with roof!





An updated photo of the inner courtyard





A view from the storage barn over the bay before the walls went up





A moon captured between the smithy and storage barn





New years eve 2014/2015 :)





A view from the tavern overlooking the bay





A view from the beer garden looking back at the tavern.





A frosty winter view of the night sky





A view from the peninsula facing southwest





A birdseye view of the castle from the mountain





My trusty steed trying to find the exit to the tunnel on the mountain behind the deed





A view facing north from the mountain





A view facing southwest towards newspring





The peninsula from the peak of the mountain





A view from the end of the tunnel before work on the highway started





The main courtyard





The inner courtyard





The dock





A view of the bay from above the dock





The western farm with my priest hard at work





The southern farm




Early Days


Our first building to sleep in





Levelling out the area





Our first terraforming





Planting the token





Path up from the boat





Parking the boat and making a path up the hill









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Just visited your place yesterday... almost drowned trying to find a way out of the water and then was promptly attacked by a wolf! Love your place though.

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Hehe thanks, The inner part of the harbour is shallow enough to climb out of though I usually just disembark right onto the dock :) It's kind of hard to get to by land but I'm making a tunnel through the mountain to get road access 

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Updated number of villagers, will post some updated pics soon

Edited by Fraeya

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Hey all, and hey Fraeya. I'm completely new to Wurm, and am so far trying it out with f2p before putting down the silver to go premium. I did some research, and you all seem like a nice lot. I already arrived at Black forest (warmly greeted by the folks around), and if you have space for a very casual and really inexperienced player, I'd love to join you. I'm willing to help out with whatever you need doing.





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Are you still recruiting? I'm an old-ish player who recently started playing Wurm again with a new character to experience Xanadu and I'd like to join your village :)


I'm in Lormere at the moment, how can I find the settlement from there?

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Thanks :) Updated with some new photos of recent progress, still looking for plenty more people to join, you can never have enough :)

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This looks like a lovely village and a thoughtful recruitment post. Any new player would be lucky to land here.

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Fraeya, did you folks finish the tunnel? We ventured out one day looking for it and couldn't find it. Nor did locals in the area know about it. :/

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The tunnel goes all the way through but I didn't make it obvious yet as it's still very messy and the connecting highway isn't even started It's just an access road for now

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It certainly is well-camouflaged at the moment. We found a path down the East side of the mountain and one down the West, but couldn't find an indication of a path through. 

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It's just a grassy road on your left as you exit the walled hill heading west, maybe some trees there that need pruning. I'm heading out to woodcut tomorrow so I'll have a peek and tidy up :)

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Visited this village for 2 weeks on a  "work vacation" just to lend some help to a nice group of people. That's exactly what we found there at Black Forest Nemeton, a great group of people with a village leader that allows his village members the opportunity of a lovely place to live with the freedom to choose their own paths and play styles. We visited as strangers but left as friends. Thanks for hosting us!

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Was nice to have some visitors to stay in and build our new tavern, You are always welcome to visit again :)


Pics for the tavern shortly to follow

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I'm in celebration in what once was stormwinds before my PC died. I'm looking for something small where I can start over. My main skill is leather working and hope to get back into it again. I can't promise to get a lot of play time but I am willing to help where I can if there are still rooms available.

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We have pretty much finished our new tavern so plenty of beds available. Make your way over, let me know when you plan to arrive

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