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Attention Xanadu Refugees!

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Just thought I'd repost this for the weary masses that are tired of having to deal with the balancing issues of Xanadu.  Return to your home servers, there's no need reason to tolerate all of this with a released game you pay a premium for.  Sold your deed on your home server and don't want to shell out more cash?  Read the original post below.



I'm looking to recruit a player, or possibly multiple players for a large deed (55 x 77), located on the Deli steppe 36x 40y.  My preference would be a returning player essentially wanting free land, and any contribution to upkeep would be appreciated.  It's a secondary deed for me at the moment, so I won't be too picky about what you'd like to do with it.  There's currently over 800 tiles of flat land that could be used for farming, tons of trees, as well as plenty of space for animals.  Good hunting nearby, as it's on the steppe, marble, zinc, copper, iron in the mine.


The deed's apart of a small alliance, and some help can be provided, but I'm not looking for anyone I'd have to walk through the fundamentals of the game with.  Farmers, or someone who can use the land to help pay the upkeep are a bonus.  Upkeep is 8.5s a month, but has a trader to help out, so contributions would be minimal.


Please post here or send me a PM if interested.

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"Returns to his literal old home in hope of finding stuff to do"


hehe, Shadow's a great (and funny) guy, I'd highly recommend Pming him if you're looking for anything like he mentioned.  And the deed itself last I saw it, was coming along very nicely (amazing spot for hunting or boat making to, I'd like to point out)

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