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All servers all players.

Hello all, I am offering free imps to 91ql on all drake sets that have my signature on them. 

I am opening this to all players that have a set with my sig, bought from me or other wise obtained. 

So if you need a trusted source to imp your drake, you pay mail and set is imped when needed. 

Since I have a lot of sets with my name out there, I will only be taking one at a time.

So you can PM me or Leave a buzz here, and I will make a list and you will have to wait your turn. 

I hope to hear from some of my Clients old and new, to help me reach 99 leather working.

When mailed please have your name on each part, for I usually have a few sets imping.

Please set aside 5 days for imp time that you wont have armor if is your only armor. 

Many of you already come to me for this service so I am extending it to all set with my signature.

Thanks to all have trusted my service over the years and as always TROLL TEETH /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

Disclaimer,If I am to busy I may have to send it back not fully imped to 91, most times I wont take any other sets if I know this will be the case. 


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I have one black set, which had your signature. But after certain server bug it was lost and now whole set has Zakerak as sign. And no I do not want you to improve it, thanks. Reimping my drake from time to time is one of few chances for me to raise my LW a bit.


I just wanted to point on situation, where not all drake sets made by you still wearing your sign.

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That's a lot of potential imping you have ahead of you, good luck with 99.

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