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WTS Bulk Goods, Wagons, and Med Quality Boats in NE Xanadu

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Pickups F-22, Free shipping to ports of Thayd or Summerholt (circled in the map below)

(PM or post for direction, a paved road goes from Summerholt to my area, there is also a paved road that runs close to Thayd if coming from the nothern sea).



Stone Bricks:  1.9s per 1k   

Mortar: 2.9 silver per 1k

Dirt: 1s per k

Planks: 1.2 s per 1k


*Am able to mix and match (i.e. 200 planks, 200 dirt, 600 bricks in one order instead of just 1k of one particular item)


Sleep Powder (X4): 1.3 silver per 1, 5s for all (can suicide deliver to any starter town in Xan)



Rowboats: 65c (any wood type, 35-45q).

Sailboats: 1.1s (any wood type, 35-45q). 

Corbita: 4s (any wood type 35-45q)


Wagons: Going price.


Other bulk goods not listed can be fulfilled upon request (i.e. tennons, pegs, nails, etc).

Continued business or multiple orders that require multiple trips will earn discounts. 


Delivery prices are negotiable depending on travel time.  Will also accept a mag priest strongwall as a form of payment (-1s + travel, or the current going price); also will accept lead, or mix and match of ores (non iron or silver) i might need as payment.

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