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Spyglasses for 12 month premium? - And bugged Consecutively month

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Ok, well this became quite a mess in the end. While most accounts now have received their premium awards, some players received too much awards and some people missed out. Yesterday I made a manual error with the database which caused premium data to be lost.

I tried to restore the data but restoring portions of the database like that messes things up and we risked losing even more data instead and lots of database inconsistency. The people affected are almost only those who not yet have repremmed. These accounts will not be receiving their awards retrospectively - instead they start at whatever their current award number lists. This is rather bad for the game since we would like to see those accounts repremming but we have to take this loss for now.

I took the decision that we move on now with this loss as the awards have been handed out for almost all current premium accounts and it should work in the future. Since we no longer have the aggregated payment data available we can't offer reimbursements for new cases after I close this thread.


These awards are not something we write about in the shop as part of the sales but a side bonus which we do not consider part of the offer of paying for Wurm Online. It's like a pianist playing in the restaurant or a nice entree course you don't see advertised. You may come to expect it, but it isn't part of the meal you pay for since it's not listed in the menu and we can only regret when it doesn't work properly.

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