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Your very own HFC Kit!

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Ever been envious of those people that have insane HFC skills?

Want to bump up your SD and ML from time to time without making a chore out of it?

You contemplated about making pans and forges to grind HFC but you loathe the thought of having to make pans?

Maybe you do not have enough room for a panfilling area?


If you answered 'YES' to any of these questions then this auction is for you!



On offer for today is the Speed Cook 9000! A forge integrated with the maximum number of pans possible (259), this baby can bump up that pesky HFC skill whenever you want! Also it is a great space saver as it is only one forge that you can hide (or put on display) almost anywhere: in the kitchen, in a barn or in a warehouse! (please make sure the rooms are well ventilated, you know - against fire and health hazards). Also with the easy naming schemes of the backpacks you can easily keep track of what you filled and what not.


But there's more! All pans are improved to roughly 40 quality to insure that they will decay slower and you don't have to worry about decay much! Well if the quality suits you, you may even decide to use them for regular cooking!


Here is a pic of what you will get




Now here is a breakdown of the items that you are bidding for:


1x Forge (the Speed Cook 9000)  70Ql

259x Frying Pans ~40Ql

7x Backpacks ~28Ql



This kit can be picked up from Q11 on Xanadu, more details will be provided to the winner


Start bid: 7s

Increments: 50c

Reserve: NO

Private bids: NO

Sniper protection: 2 hours

Buyout: make me an offer!





Happy Bidding to all of you!


Thor out

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love the clever fun ad.  good luck with your auction sale.  great way to sell it /advertise it..congratz

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Hahaha thank you all kindly for the very encouraging posts!


I have a buyout offer pending. Until it is completed I am not going to close this :)


But really, your posts made my day! :)

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