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NPC and floors

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I know this has been reported back when the floors first come out with multistory buildings but thought i would try and report it again and see if maybe we can get this fixed now. When you use the raised floors in a house the merchant and traders do not raise up with the floor like everything else.  I know it might seem insignificant to you guys but it really bothers me, lol


I had in the past opted to just not use the raised floors but now with the new rugs seems my choice of paving the rounded cobble is showing through the new rugs at times causing a dilemma for me.  So here i am hoping to get one of the two fixed and i do like the raised floor so thought i would post about the NPC again and see if anything can be done. 


The NPCs are already small to start with and with them standing on the ground and not the raised floor it makes it really bad then add a rug under them and you are about to their knee...hehe



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