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Ranicd Acres Farm Recruiting

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                                                                              Rancid Acres farm 




                                                                              Looking for..


Prem members.                         Harvesting, Building mining, an for all around skills. 

Non Prem members,                To "farm an may help groom animals mine more.




                                                                      What we offer.           



As We are a newish Deed we are also At of decent side. You as a member of our village have the opportunity To grind your skills in many skill categories.


We are a friendly Community always willing to help. 

Also a very friendly an very helpful alliance The Drunken Sailors

The size of the deed is always expanding as of right now the size is 32 by 96. Only a few buildings a fields are there.



                            So stop in today an send me a message if you are interested.

       Mayor Rancid Miles   Co-mayor  Gackomas 

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I live in southern part of Northmere (top of the north road from Tapdance, highest point in that area) I currently lost the friend that had the home and I have not been on in awhile. He stopped playing and the place is almost gone. I don't have a home now but I would like a place in that area at least on that hill! ;) I am also in Sweetlake deed but I don't live there much only to visit the owner and relax. If this place is close maybe I can at least work there and boost up my woodcutting skill for my new boat.


If you are unsure where i live around, its a tiny bit south of Rodama Lake.


AND I will be taking a trip back up to Exodus with my new boat and getting a gift for someone so if I am able to work there it may not be for a few days. But overall I would like to work there to help out and get my skill(s) up!


EDIT: Sadly im a non-premium so don't expect me to do super jobs...

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