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WTS Horse Breeder / Blacksmith Deed NE Xanadu - Utmost Iron Mine

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Hey everyone, I have a deed that is 36 x 82 Northeast of Summerholt - Xanadu Server - (NE area of the map G23 area.)


It has water on 3 sides, a nice dock area, a warehouse with dock. Main house / INN, an auction house, church, mine building (mine has 6 iron veins, one is UTMOST QUALITY)


Cattle, bison, and horses, large farm area as well as a guard tower.


Also has a spirithouse (99 cast)


Here are some screenshots, pm me here or in game if you are interested.


I am taking silent bids right now, (in game currency only please) but I have an idea what I am looking for as far as price goes.


You are more than welcome to come by and have a look around any time.


Thank you for looking!!























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Moved to WTS section


Could also list the upkeep / how much is left on it.

Good luck on sale.

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