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WTS Corbita [Pristine]

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Ql 29 Corbita, cedar (lock and anchor)

3s pick up, 3.5s delivery on Pristine

Ql 88 source, 1.26kg

~2.5s delivery only on main island

Ql 35+ meat, 1k

1.5s pick up, 2s deliver on main island

Plate set,steel 5s, can deliver on pristine main island:

Helm ql 70.55

Breastplate ql 70.14

Vambraces ql 70.40/70.31

Gauntlets ql 70.10/70.22

Leggings ql 70.00

Sabatons ql 69.78/70.02

4x Yellow potion, ql 16/16/32/32

~25c each, can deliver on pristine main island

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