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15+K dirt, indy, northeast crystal lake SOLD plz close

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Hello. Leveling out my deed is generating stupid amounts of dirt. I have honestly lost accurate count of all the BSB's full of dirt I have, and I'm getting to the point that I cant find baby horses and chickens cuz I'm having to start building bsb's on my farm fields, my shop and town feels like every tile has a bsb full of dirt. Im gonna be generating a lot more dirt and I'd like to get rid of the dirt I have so I have room to dig more.


Can I deliver? Well, I have 2 knars (1 is for sale actually wink wink nudge nudge), and someone made 43 large crates for  that I need to go pick up from halfway across the server, which I am more than willing to rush to grab if the amount of dirt sold makes the travel time worth it. I am willing to work with someone that is interested in purchasing a lot of dirt. I'd rather the transaction not take a whole day of my time unless its profitable of course. Less effort on my part (not lazy just busy) of course is ample reason for me to give better pricing.


Buy your portable bits of independence today!


P.S. I'll try to be on in a couple hours to check on responses. Need catnap... or catnip... maybe coffee...

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