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WTS cheap ships

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Greeting fellow Wurmians,


      I am currently in the process of moving server which means I seem to have found myself with an overabundance of ships on my hands. This is great new! For you. I am currently located on independence at 17x 14y Cedar Hill for those that know the area. All the following ships are located in Samling Fjord and are ready for pickup.

1- Small sailboat, Cedar, 32 QL    -   1 S ( sold )

1- Corbita, Cedar, 30 ql ( with 60 rafts!)  3.5 S  ( sold)
1- Corbita, Cedar, 30 ql   2.2 S  ( sold)
1- Cog, Cedar, 30 ql        5 S   ( sold)

The prices listed are just a baseline I would rather see these ships used than left to rot, send me a message here or a PM in game. The worse I can say is no right?

Take care out there.


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