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Decent skilled player looking for work - trying to raise coins for deed upkeep

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A few things about me

I'm a *somehow* experienced player, with some decent (yet definitely not yet good) skills. :)


I'm not a hard core player trying to earn of fortune by working in game, but a rather casual player, who is just trying to honestly earn just enough coins to support my current maintenance (which I calcualted to be 5s46c every month). That's why I'm not really into huge orders or in "full time employment", but more like looking for the occasional jobs here and there, for the right customers. Here's the graph with how I'm doing raising the coins for this month's upkeep (currently earned 1.83s out of the needed 5.46s).



I may not able to provide high quality wares yet, neither deliver what I have since I still lack a large cargo ship (working on my corbita just as I write this), but I try to compensate this with dedication, enthusiasm, willingness to work on site and willingness to accept any odd jobs other people are refusing.




Things I have for sale


- 2 fireworks - ql 80, 99 - for 1s each.
- 3 yellow potions - ql 32, 48 and 50 - for 25c each so 75c for all three.
- sprouts and flowers - 80i each (except willow and greenish-yellow which are 4c each); 25% discount for orders over 1s; stock is listed under the spoiler tab

* apple sprouts - 28
* birch sprouts - 181
* camelia sprouts - 29
* cedar sprouts - 46
* cherry sprouts - 37
* chestnut sprouts - 2
* lavender sprouts - 78
* lemon sprouts - 27
* linden sprouts - 1
* fir sprouts - 6
* grape sprouts - 294
* maple sprouts - 44
* oleander sprouts - 9
* olive sprouts - 106
* pine sprouts - 117
* rose sprouts - 20
* thorn sprouts - 7
* willow sprouts - 26
* greenish-yellow flowers - 104
* orange-red flowers - 149
* yellow flowers - 209
* purple flowers - 23
* white flowers - 14
* blue flowers - 4

My skills

While I am willing to take any order and do absolutely any job, my possibilities might be limited by my skills and gear, that's why I think is better to list my relevant skills here, so you can decide for yourself if I'm suit or not for the kind of job you may have.  :)

Gathering skills:

  Digging: 70.37786

  Mining: 44.92054

  Woodcutting: 38.5002


Crafting skills:
  Carpentry: 69.35156

     Fine carpentry: 36.625496
     Ship building: 23.962645
  Smithing: 12.398115
     Blacksmithing: 25.869251
     Cloth tailoring: 19.152655
  Masonry: 44.29711
     Stone cutting: 34.838257
  Ropemaking: 18.446657

Nature skills:

  Nature: 41.53608
     Animal husbandry: 44.339794
     Animal taming: 15.074364
     Farming: 28.557941
     Gardening: 37.587868
     Forestry: 39.56365
     Botanizing: 27.87374
     Foraging: 30.776125


Miscelaneous skills:

  Paving: 12.00396

  Prospecting: 21.3031

  Climbing: 23.238035

  Alchemy: 12.59513
     Natural substances: 27.995586
  Cooking: 10.461041
     Hot food cooking: 17.0383
     Butchering: 17.819567
  Miscellaneous items: 51.56311

     Repairing: 39.392643

  Nature: 41.53608

     Meditating: 42.99163

Tools skills:

  Miscellaneous items: 51.56311

     Stone chisel: 22.947119
     Hammer: 28.970398
     Sickle: 34.221584
     Saw: 20.057953
     Pickaxe: 47.152607
     Rake: 20.851128
     Shovel: 47.524067

  Knives: 22.826744

     Butchering knife: 26.961557
     Carving knife: 21.799093
  Axes: 23.567902
     Hatchet: 20.186584


Fighting skills:

  Fighting: 27.03479

     Normal fighting: 28.427423
     Defensive fighting: 23.098053
     Aggressive fighting: 29.6716

     Shield bashing: 10.027379

  Swords: 24.044222

     Two handed sword: 20.003618
     Shortsword: 20.00677
     Longsword: 24.940594

  Axes: 23.567902

     Small Axe: 20.014662

  Shields: 11.191318

     Large metal shield: 13.391294

  Healing: 13.562206

     First aid: 28.211672



  Soul: 22.434338
     Soul strength: 22.25359
     Soul depth: 24.688274
  Mind: 26.585371
     Mind speed: 21.5602
     Mind logic: 30.969057 *
  Body: 29.083569
     Body stamina: 25.188622
     Body strength: 27.573683
     Body control: 25.05747




My prices

I will eventually make a full list of prices, but 'till then, the general rule is that I charge 10i/action and I would try to match the lowest standard market price, whatever that is.  :)

For odd jobs, which are not easily quantifiable (like surface mining for example), I would charge a plain fee of 25c per hour, or a 1s per day (guaranteed work volume of between four and six hours).

If I have to travel to your location for the work, it will be a plain travel fee of 25c for any location on Pristine, 50c for any location on Release or 1s for the Eastern side of Xanadu (this fee may be waived / lowered for really large orders); not willing to travel farther than Eastern Xanadu, since already travelling from my deed there takes like 3-4 hours. If you insist on travelling farther away, that is possible, as long as you are willing to pay 25c/hour for my travelling time (for both the initial and the returning trip).

How to contact me

Best solution is to PM me here. While I don't "live on the forum", I do check it quite often, so I should answer to any message within the same day.  :)

You can also try to PM me in game (same character name, so Lovefall), but if I am not online here, is very unlikely to be online in game.

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Have a contract in progress, but feel free to PM me if you have any offer for me which doesn't represent an emergency. :)

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Did a great job for me.  Inexpensive.  Trustworthy player. Great Attitude.

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