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Spun's Pawn Shop

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How it works:


You need Silver.  You have collateral, but want it back at some point. 

I loan you silver based on a recoverable value of item.  You give me item to be held in a private merchant.

We set a time frame and payment amount to get item out of pawn.


Using a timer on this page you can look to see how long you have to get item out of pawn.  Arrangements can be made for extending duration obviously.

IF you fail to contact me after a week past the timeline, I sell your item to recoup my silver.


For Example:


SpunSlave   (Rare Maul 56.34ql)  Amount Loaned 4s.  Amount due 5s.  Duration 14 days.  auction_timer_1407548962.gif



Details of contract will be posted on this thread so everything can be transparent. (so if your time is up but i'm not on for 2 days, you have record of attempted contact etc etc)


Contact me via PM, this makes my phone ding.



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Customer: Roarkindrake

Loaned: 18s

Collateral: Small magicical chest, birchwood ql 40 damage 10.41

cost to retrieve: 19s

Duration: 2 weeks






edited ql/damage

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