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Messed-up Caves

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By The Landing on Chaos.


There's at least one cave/mine with a glitchy shaft that stretches from one location just under the surface to another location deep underground. The floor is one tile, the ceiling is one tile. It doesn't hurt to walk down the shaft, and climbing back up it should be impossible, but isn't. I guess the slope value is normal....





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This looks like a normal "drop shaft". They can be very common in areas where many different people are mining. In some cases on the PVP server especially  they might even be created on purpose to "fast travel" though different elevations faster than a normal sloping tunnel, but usually they are made by accident. On Choas it might also be deliberate griefing by one side vs another. 


Here are some photo examples of dropshafts:









It's hard to explain and maybe someone else will have typed a better explanation. Caves in Wurm are actually only 2D even though they look and feel 3D.  As a result, one tunnel can never ever pass "over" another even if they are a very long distance apart vertically.  If one person mines a tunnel up at a high level, and another person mines a tunnel at a low level, and they meet, there will be a sudden instant drop from the high to the low:





(all of those pictures were done by others, I just happened to find them in a google search)



that last picture looks very "clean" and orderly but in some cases there is a very bizarre slant or twist given so that a "ceiling" or a "floor" seems to run straight up or down or at some weird bizarre slanted angle. Many mines are RUINED due to dropshafts, if the shaft is in a bad spot. This is why the one you link might also be deliberate griefing. The only way to get rid of a dropshaft is to have a Mag priest come in and collapse all the tiles affected then mine again but avoiding this time connecting the "up high" mine and the "down low" mine.


They are common when players, unknown to each other, are mining all at different elevations, one person is mining a tunnel  at the top of a mountain and another down at the valley floor, and they accidentally intersect.  BOOM, dropshaft.  Dropshafts also used to be more common on the old servers when Rolf would have cave creatures randomly burrow through caves. So you see a LOT of them on Indy, both playermade and creature made. When old tunnel systems collapse sometimes a dropshaft can trap players and make it near impossible to climb out again, especially if the very bottom is water level or at an angle that does not permit rresting and regaining stamina before making the climb out.


Climbing and falling inside dropshafts works a little different than outside. You never get injured falling inside of a cave. And it may feel like you are climbing a steep slant for a LONG time but its really a short distance (all within one tile space) even if it takes a while to travel from one side of the tile to the other. But it is still very dangerous as there might be terrible mobs at the bottom also trapped there, or there might not be a way to regain stamina needed to make a climb out again. 


edit: actually yours seems to connect to outdoor views.  If you have graphics set to "High" or "Medium" in Caves, under ingame graphics settings, you can sometimes get a peek "though" the cave walls at the outer air. Check your ingame settings under Graphics/Caves, many people will always set cave settings to LOW to get a nice clean neat look inside of mines, and this also prevents poking through the sides and seeing the outdoors or the locations of other mining.


Many players deliberately use this "peeking through walls" at high graphic settings, so that they can see in time and avoid another player's mining. It only works like that is certain small areas, not everywhere. 



*** My apologies if I somehow misunderstood, since your forum account was created yesterday I thought you might be a relatively new player seeing a normal dropshaft for the very first time -- if this is not the case and you are explaining an ABNORMAL dropshaft, then I apologize -- just do a /support ticket and let a GM investigate.

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