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[[R]/P/X] Bulkgoods Release

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[Picture coming soon]


Located on Release at WinterSping Y37/38, X46 [East Coast]

Located on Release at Bulkshop Release Y26, X48 [East Coast]


Bulk Store

Status: Available






Raw supplies

1000 Dirt - 1s

1000 Sand - 1s

1000 Sand - 1s

1000 Clay - 1s

1000 Rock Shard - 1s

100 Log (20ql) - 75c

100 Log (30ql) - 1s



Building Materials

1000 Stone Brick - 2s

1000 Colussus Brick - 3s

1000 Mortar - 3s

1000 Plank - 1s



Smithing Materials

1000 Nails (Large/Small) - 1s

1000 Rivets - 1.5s

1000 Ribbon - 3s

1000 Fence Bars - 5s


100kg iron lump (20ql) - 75c

100kg iron lump (30ql) - 1s

100kg iron lump (40ql) - 1.5s



Misc, Items

1000 Shaft - 1s

1000 Kindling - 1s

1000 Arrowshaft - 1s


1 Small Crate (Can be loaded for you) - 10c

BsB/FsB (includes padlock + key) - 15c




1. 5000 Mortar + 5000 Stone Brick (Includes small/large crates and delivery) - 20s

2. 5000 Planks + 5000 Nails (Small/Large) (Includes small/large crates and delivery) - 10s


*If a order is below 10s and it needs to be delivered it will cost 1s (Release/Pristine/East Xanadu)

*A order of above 10s is needed for free delivery



Interested in anything?


Paste your message/order here!



You wanna have more information?


Just PM Stonecutter1995 on forums or Stonecutter ingame




If you wanna have it delivered for cheap, go for more information to this thread:


Highly Preffered by us.




Completed Orders:

500 Clay + 500 Tar - Simju

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500 tar

500 clay


Ill pickup asap

Edited by Simju

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Complete Re-organised the Thread


Still Open for Orders.

Edited by stonecutter1995

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We have Relocated from WinterSpring to Bulkshop Release!!!


So please check it first really good before you set sail to us.

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