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WTS Deed w/ Trader

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Up for sale is a deed with a trader on it.

Times being what they are, I only played Wurm because I could pay for my prem account by farming my trader. Now that tons of people left Pristine, farming a Trader is pointless unless you are one of the few who want to own multiple traders ... 

Deed is Black Lake Village located at roughly P-10, just take Hell's Highway from the coast and you cannot miss it. This was one of the founding villages in this area, and I (Zakias) and a few others founded the Wardens of the West Alliance in this area.


Deed has roughly 2 months left on the deed upkeep.



Deed has a lvl 50 Guard tower, hand made by my lovely wife.  :D



Deed has an underground secret city lair ... (a mine by any other name). with two iron veins underneath, possibly more, I am not much of a miner... and a decent forge setup down there.



And here is a view of the village from the SW Gate.


As you can see the whole area is pretty much flat, there is a strip that I was working on to flatten out that is left, but I have stopped work on it for now. Large main house to the left, on the other side of the large farm and stables. Then there are a few apartments right up front for any of your villagers to use. There was a church, but I just dismantled it.



And lastly, a view of the trader.




So that's it. I am asking 75 Silver (OBO) for the whole thing. It has been fun playing wurm, but, well... its time to move on, and I would hate to see this deed and trader go to waste... So yea, PM me in game Zakias, feel free to ping me up here, but I rarely check the forums, and even more rarely make posts, and yea, ... Let's Make a Deal!


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