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(SOLD) Knarr (woof of choice) + Gimicks, Delivering GMT+1ish, 14s or EUR + extras

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In this thread, you will be able to buy a finely crafted Knarr, put together with only the better quality parts (60+!), that are sure to have fit perfectly, and are not forced into place.

The seats are comfortably lined with the furs of ferocious wolves. The deck has decorational wood carvings throughout, that is sure to catch the attention of everyone laying eyes upon it. It sure is a well balanced ship that will take you through almost any storm, except the one that will sink it (disclaimer).

The ship

Here, you can buy a QL60+ Knarr, finished with the wood type of your choice (apple, birch, cedar, cherry, chestnut, fir, lemon, linden, maple, oak, olive, pine, walnut, or willow). Please include the choice in your post, so I can finish and improve it right-away thank you :)

The Knarr is an excellent all-round choice, good speed, decent cargo space, and not very much gauge to traverse even shallow waters that otherwise only rowboats and small sailboats can.

The gimicks

It comes with a boatlock and key, a mooring anchor, and the following collection of items that has been approved by many an adventurer, both alive and dead (where the cause of death was neither starvation or dehydration), free of charge:

(Unless you specifically state, that you do not want these items)


The extras*

Any combination of these will need to be additionally crafted, logs are in stock though:

- It can fit one wagon**, QL60, includes large padlock, for 20c.

- Small crates for 5c each.

- Large crates for 8c each (fits only 4 + wagon).

- Rafts for 8c each.

*Depends on how much fits in the knarr.

**Animals to drag the wagon are not included.

The delivery*

I will deliver to coastal areas and lakes that are reachable by the knarr itself, most likely during daytime in the GMT+1/CEST timezone, to any server of the Freedom Isles.

No extra charge.

Must have patience to account for distance and weather conditions.

*I might not be able to deliver today (Sunday, June 29), since I partake in the RoS cast meeting in Silent Hill, unless you live in the NE area of Independence and I can finish the order to fit in time.

The price

The price will be 14 silver coins, plus the price for any extras (wagon, crates, rafts).

I will except 1:1 Silver to EUR via PayPal if you'd rather, although I do prefer silver a little more than RL currency. In this case, we would exchange payment details/e-mail addresses privately, please.

Thank you, and I wish you happy purchase! ;)

~Ulviirala, Harbourmaster

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il take one walnut and fill it with large crates

im on release i can meet you with my ship hauler by mde

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I will set sail as soon as she's filled up.

I can't currently give you a good estimate on my time of arrival, but I'll try as soon as I weigh the anchor and ask the weathermen on Xanadu how the wind is. I will start to sail from NE Independence, where the wind is favourably strong at the moment.

If I have some waiting time at MDE, that's okay, I'll find something to do. :)

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Does it come in Alsatian woofs?

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