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Eilif's Chants, Smithing, and Ropemaking

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Eilif's Chants and Smithing

Free Delivery on Release

1s for Pristine.




40QL 10c

50QL 15c

60QL 25c


Re-imping items first 3 times free (That I made free but must deliver or cod fee's paid)

Someone else's product are the prices above.


Once I have stock of iron I can imp up to 85ql.


Frying Pans


 x100 Frying Pans 17ql     1s

x500 Frying Pans 17ql   5s

x1000 Frying pans 17ql   10s  



Horse Shoes

50QL 10c Each(WoA can be casted)




Iron Lamps

30QL 10c each

40QL 15c each

50QL 20c each


Imperial Lamps

30QL 20c each

40QL 30c each

50QL 40c each


Other types may be available if I can find the veins.


Jewlery Crafting


Altars (With your mats)

30QL 35c

40QL 45c

50QL 50c

Must be placed, Free traveling in Release, 1s to travel anywhere on Pristine.


Chain Smithing


50QL Sets 90c

Re-Imping (My Product) Free

Someone Else's product 60c



This is something I am working on and will post more later!





1-70 Power 1c per power

71-90 Power 2c per power

91-99 Power 3c per power





  • Iron Pickaxe 80.39QL 96CoC 2.88s
  • Iron Pickaxe 2.85QL 85CoC 1.90s
  • Iron Pickaxe 1.00QL 82CoC 1.64s
  • Iron Pickaxe 5.21QL 82CoC 1.64s
  • Iron Pickaxe 2.86QL 58CoC 1.16s













  • Large Rat Pelt 86QL 80CoC 62WoA 2.84s

Rope tools

  • Rope tool, Pinewood 40.67QL 70WoA 64CoC 2.68s
  • Rope tool, Pinewood 51.39QL 66CoC 1.32s



Rate Plate Gauntlet, Steel 45.87QL 5s

Rare Chain Gauntlet, Iron 47.04QL 2s

Rare Chain Gauntlet, Iron 30.88QL 2s



I deliver free of charge on bulk items.


Stag and Eilif's Ropemaking




Cordage - 15c per rope


Mooring- 5c per rope


Thick- 15c per rope


Regular- 1c per rope


Mooring Anchor- 20c per anchor


There is a discount of 20% on all ropes that are bought in bulk orders more than 20!!!

(Excluding regular ropes and mooring anchors)


Rope tools

30 QL- 5c

40 QL- 10c

50QL- 15c


(All rope tools will be made from oakenwood for an extra 5c)


Shipwright Bundles


Sailing Boat Bundle- 54c

2 Cordage

2 Thick

1 Mooring


Corbita Bundle- 2s 7c

6 Cordage

8 Thick

4 Mooring


Cog Bundle- 2s 34c

8 Cordage

8 Thick

4 Mooring


Knarr Bundle- 2s 47c

12 Cordage

8 Thick

4 Mooring


Caravel Bundle- 5s 22c

24 Cordage

12 Thick

8 Mooring


All bundles come with a free mooring anchor!!

Edited by Eilif
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Bump Updated Stock and combined with Stag's Ropemaking Emporium

Edited by Eilif

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