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(Indy) Mirkwood farm, carpentry, blacksmith bulk shop

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Mirkwood farm and manufacture


Located South-west Indy 17x47y/p11




crops 83ql  ...1s/1k

pumping ...3 300 in stock

corn ....3 400 in stock

garlic ...7 000 in stock

onions ...5 600 in stock

potatoes 10 000 stock

strawberry 10 000 stock


81ql wemp ... 6 000 in stock

82ql cotton ...16 000 in stock


Grain 83 3 000 in stock







making cheese and bread






bulk carpentery 35ql+,

1k planks - 1s - 2k bulk ql in stock

1k shafts  - 1s - 1k bulk ql in stock

1k wood shingle - 50c

100 pegs  - 20c

100 logs 45ql - 30c  900 in stock

 10 fruit logs(apple, lemon, olive, cherry) 24 kg bulk ql - 50c/ or 5c each  

willow, oak log bulk ql - 8c each

1k kidling - 1s



large crates - 15c


oaken tools up to 55+...30c



1k arrow shafts (maplewood, bulk low ql) - 1s

100 hunting arrows ql 30- 75c 

(war arrows on order)




1kCharcoal 15ql - 3s...1000 in stock


bulk blacksmith

500 small nails - 75c

500large nails - 1s

100 ribbons - 1s

500 rivets - 1s

100 frying pans - 1s

100 fence bars - 1,5s



mixed grass





bulk building material

1k clay - 1s

1k tar - 1s

1k dirt - 1s

1k zinc (35+ql) - 1s

1k bricks(colossus) - 2s - 1000 in stock

1k mortar - 2,5s - 800 in stock

100 stone slab - 1s

100 pottery bricks - 1s



Large crates for change or included for small fee

Delivery FREE 

min. order on Xanadu 5s


for pick up 10% discount






Write me pm here, reply this post, or catch me ingame - Elleanne.

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I would like to order 5k garlic delivered to Inde(~29x12y, near Catspawn Keep)

Ingame name:Tulemees



Very fast delivery and smooth trade. Thank you

Done B)

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For Nachtiti on 24E Xanadu:

4000 corn

2000 wemp

600 planks

300 logs

and little gift :)



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Just received my order of cotton - good friendly service, will definitely use again  :)

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