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Xanadu - Valley Of Broken Dreams - Recruiting active players.

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Where are we ?
Our village is located NE around E 24 on the coast, next to steppe. Here is a map  - Thanks To MamaDarkness.

Here are some screenshots.UPDATED!!!









Who are we ?


We currently have 4 members some new some old players, mostly freinds guys and gals and we are all 18+. We are all hardworking and sharing and work to get our village progressed. Most of us are from Australia some play at night other through the day but we are all active.
What do we want from you ?
This village is looking for active players who want to play with others, grind and help each other out. We want help with the village duties, not slaves just help! We are also looking for players who speak english you dont have to be 100% but you do have to be able to communicate with us. Majority of the players are from australia and we would like +8 GMT but its not a restriction.We do spend alot of our time talking on voice chat in this case we have been using raidcall not that its required but its the best way to communicate with the players as some watch things or play other games while they play wurm and can sometimes miss typed chat. Follow rules and be respectful.
What do we have to offer you ?


We are offering 5x5 area's for your to build your home and place your stuff. A community and freindly place to play, somewhere you could belong too, call home. Help, we help out and share our things and are kind. We have good neighbours who are freindly and in our alliance. Sometimes a funny distraction as we get into our shanigans. We have iron, horses, food, tools, water, steppe for hunting, zinc and lots of work to get those skills up. :)


If you need anymore info please contact me ingame @ Paulski or here on the forums, thanks alot.

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Im online and will be for most of the day, let me know if you are interested.

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Still looking for a few more people, Let me know ill be on most the day.

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We are looking for more active players. We have 12 spots in total once these spots are filled, we are not looking for anymore.

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If I bring my main toon from mr will I lose my skills and have to start again?

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