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mobile improvement service Xanadu

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Hey there,


I am making a trip around Xanadu to see the new lands of miracles and wonders.


Current location - h11


So as to improve the life of everybody settling there, I offer my humble service consisting of decent skills mainly in the field of processing and improving wooden items. For instance i will improve your floor looms and wooden spirit cottages/castles, provide you with decent tools like mallets and fishing rods, cut some (or some more) logs for your own imping requirements and so on.



A short list of my service:


Carpentry (ql 95)

Fine Carpentry (ql 95)

Bowyery (ql 95)

Wood-Cutting (ql 95)

Ship-Building (ql 90)

House-planning (up to requirements of 99 carpentry)


Alaz, with all the children I have to feed and an ever complaining woman (standing behind nearly everyone), I have to confess, I will have to charge a bit for my service:


Carpentry: ql        91         92         93        94         95

                    W        1.5        2.5        3.5       4.0        5.0


Fine Carpentry items will go with same pricing + .50c; Bowyery with + 1.0s

Pricing for a bunch of logs is negotiable - as are the costs of travelling to your location (

For further questions, you can pm me here or ingame where I am available with the same name.



Have fun everybody out there and see you soon on Xanadu,





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how much for several 95ql logs at  Valley of the damned?

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Ditto @ Valley of the Damned.  Could use two or three.  Price please? :D

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will probably travel along your lovely valley anyways (or close by). So if i chop/stop at your location its about 1s for the travel and about 15c/log of ql95+ (you can keep all other high ql logs ofc too).

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