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Prune trees not working correctly ...

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I've just been pruning my apple trees and I noticed that the very old specimens that I pruned successfully remained very old after pruning, they did not reduce their age category as they did previously. However the overaged apple trees did reduce category as they have always done.


My memory is a bit suspect at times :) but i'm pretty sure when I've had a pruning session before that these very old apple trees did reduce to old.


Thanks, CageStorm/Exodus/Cimmeria.

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The ages young, mature, old, and very old, all have 4 substages. During substages 2 and 4 of mature, old, and very old, you can prune the tree (as well as pick a sprout instead) (both) reducing the substage by 1. I believe pruning the young tree at substages 2, 3 and 4 is possible too, all reducing the substage by 1 aswell.

I'm not sure if pruning at overaged age reduces the substage by 1 or 2 (my guess is 2 as pruning an overaged tree does not make the tee sprouting instantly, which substage 4 of very old would give under normal circumstances).

I personally have only seen overaged trees actually reduce in age from pruning, no other ages of any tree.


This behavior was found through use of Fo priest's "Wild Growth" spell, which increases affected trees' age by 1 substage per cast, allowing to see aforementioned behavior.

Pruning and picking sprouts of trees not grown through using Wild growth has given me the same effects as far as I've experienced.


I hope this helps.

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