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[Release] Equine Outlet - Now open for business - 5 Speed Horses/70 QL Saddles and Horse Shoes

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Equine Outlet

Your one-stop shop for all of your equestrian needs. Located conveniently close to Sloping Sands.


How it works:

  • The 6 Stalls on east side of deed contain 5-speed horses and one rope behind locked gates.
  • In the center of the deed are two merchants. One with horse shoes and saddles, the other with keys to the locked gates.
  • Purchase your key, enter appropriate gate, pickup rope (optional, rope on center tile), lead horse and exit gate.
  • As a courtesy, please leave key in one of the two barrels placed at the north and south entrance of center building.
Note: Taming, leading and pickup is allowed on deed. All horses on west side of deed are for sale as well, contact Lokitia, Lokitio or Lokoh in game if interested in a horse not on the east side.


1s - Grey
1.5s - All others
25c - 70+ QL Horseshoe
1s - 70+ QL Saddles

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