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TheStarCroc's Crash Course from walking, to building a house.

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Welcome to Wurm, the things I will cover in this crash course will ready you for Wurm life, and will be the basics of your survival.




So try to be a good apple, see?



== First off, walk to daddy, that's it! ==



Walking: WASD normal game controls.


Inventory: F3


Using tools: on trees/rocks, and other things of that nature. Open your inventory and double click the tool/item then right click the proposed object you wish to interact with.  Example: Axe on tree, Saw on log.






You will need a home, and '''WATER'''




'''Water is important in Wurm, Without it you will die and your stamina will deplete, set up camp near rivers, lakes, fountains or other sources.'''

(Yes the caps are necessary)


'''When you first join Wurm you are given a noob tent, This tent will last you about three weeks into the game, this tent can be used to store items safely.  This tent can also be used to tie animals to, and as a personal re-spawn point if you fall out in the field.''' (these tents are not pick-up-able by anyone but you,no one can take items from them)



== Last but not least, REAL ESTATE ==


Wurm is all about building and creating and honing, so you need somewhere to do all those things, if you are looking for open space but you don't see any around, you haven't walked far enough, keep walking down roads till you find a nice spot and then set up shop.



[MALLET INSTRUCTIONS]: You will need 2 shafts of wood for this one, so use a carving knife on a log to make 2 shafts, then use the knife on one of the shafts to make a mallet head, then use the head on the shaft, and bing bang boom, your one step closer to a home on Wurm!


'''To plan your first house:'''

 you need 

 5 carpentry

 80 planks (will give you 5 carpentry)[To get this use a saw on a log]

 4 large iron nails (from a iron vein in a mine)

 a hammer or mallet (mallet is easiest to get)[to get this use a knife on a log]

 a door lock (its the only way to be sure your stuff is safe)


Once you have all that, use your mallet on a flat tile( if there are none around use your shovel to make one) and plan your house!

then start building your walls!



'''Congratulations''' you have now become a homeowner on Wurm and completed my crash course, thank you for being a part of our growing community, and we hope you will enjoy your time on whatever server your are playing.



If you have any comments or things you think should be added to my little lesson, message me ingame by typing '''/tell TheStarCroc''', or pm me on the forums '''[forum name] Wolfersmcwolf'''. If you need help with more complex things and no one can offer you assistance give me a pm ingame!



'''Good luck'''


Wurmonline is waiting for you, get out there and create your legacy.


--[[user:Wolfersmcwolf|Wolfersmcwolf]] ([[user talk:Wolfersmcwolf|talk]]) 19:22, 6 June 2014 (CEST)-TheStarCroc


''"Only cowards die, But true warriors live forever."''

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