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Selling deed, moving to Xanadu

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Hello, dear Celebrians. 

As a part of my 'comeback', was away for a few months (again), I'm looking for new adventures in Xanadu.

Therefore i'm selling my deed, on the north shore, clean open water (no bumps to run into below sea level) access to north border to go over to Exodus.


Has a backyard desert for hunting and a bunch of materials,  such as bulk of logs at 20ql, 800~ sand, and some other stuff which I'm leaving behind, tools, weapons, some armor, random qualities (no over 60). Some breeded horses, some have traits, some don't. 


Has some pre-built or under construction buildings. Perfect for nearly anyone to take over and make it flourish. 

Town has been built on a flattened surface, has access to mines (iron and silver at least) within 30 tiles from token. It's about 40 slopes above sea level and a dock part that's 10~ slopes above sea level.


Edit: Also has a mailbox(66) and a Vyn altar.


Coordinates: D11 ingame map


I'm open to offers, preferably in silvers, will consider items offers too (has to fit my boat).


As of today and now: 

The size of Ignis Mist is 31 by 25.

The perimeter is 5 and it has 1 guards hired.

The settlement has 3 silver, 13 copper and 95 iron in its coffers.

The monthly cost is 2 silver and 55 copper.

The upkeep will last approximately 34 days, 11 hours and 21 minutes more.


Some screenshots



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so u leave celeb :o


Time has come to see new scenery, I know i'll meet you there some day.  ;)  :D

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