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Lamps, Pans Blacksmithing!

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I'd like to start selling lamps! First order first serve!


24x 6y


Give me the honor of making your lamps, and i'll try to rush them.

One order will be dealt with at a time, I can't do ques. 

I'm not the best, but you will like my prices.


Iron Lamps

5c      30ql

10c      40ql


Imperial Street Lamps

26kg of Iron per lamp (Hense the price difference)


15c       30ql

25c       40ql


Frying Pans


1c        10ql

2c        20ql

4c        30ql

6c        40ql





If your order is large enough I will -10% off the total order.

Pickup prefered, Free Delivery over 10s.

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