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Wurms etiquette

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Wurm has it's rules. We should keep to them to prevent hurting the others. These precious rules are also called: Wurms etiquette. To help you understand how we live in the world of Wurm we wrote them down.


1. Thy shall not jump! Wurmians are civilised people. That's why we shall never ever jump. This is considered very rude. There is a myth about jumping that says that it was so long ago a Wurmian jumped that we forgot how to.


2. Thy shall take off your cap in the presence of other Wurmians who are equal to you. Of course there are some exceptions. Like when fighting monsters. Easy to remember as bears are not companions, they are meat.


3. Thy shall not confuse the guards! Do not say anything else to the guards than: "help!" or "guards!". Guards are very low educated. Only the dumbest of dumbest npc's could become guards. Do not let guards feel dumb! Call them for what they are trained for. If a guard does not respond to your call, don't worry, you just hurt his feelings or damaged his brain.


4. Thy shall not sexually harass anyone in Wurm. If you feel horny and you are such a sad person that you think the only way to get what you want is through Wurm, go get yourself the 'secret' service of the merchants. They want to feel sexy for once too.


5. Thy shall not insult anyone in Wurm. Insult a guard instead! They won't understand anyway and you might damage their brain even more. That was what you wanted to do in the first place right? Damaging brains. But always remember rule No. 3 of the Wurm etiquette, which leaves no valid reason for insulting ANYTHING.


6. Thy shall be a gentleman! One with premium membership and way more awesome than others! Just kidding. Stay modest, polite and classy.


7. Thy shall respect noobs. You can think of reasons and ways too do it yourself. Trying to make jokes is hard you know!


8. Thy shall always logout next to a danger zone. This is not hard to do, it just happens.


9. Thy shall respect all gods! Plant flowers, like hot men like Magranon, fish and follow rainbows to hell, where you pinch people with pointy spears and steal their belongings!


10. Thy shall expand the Wurm etiquette and share it with your neighbours. Get it NEIGHbours. Like horses? No? Bad joke...

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