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Rare High Chanted Pickaxe

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Here we have a 86.40ql 81WoA 96CoC RARE Pickaxe!


Starting Bid: 10s

Bid Increments: 1s

Reserve: No

Snipe Protection: Extends auction by 1 hour*

End Date: 72h from post

Buyout: PM me your offer





Bid now and secure a Pickaxe that will leave your friends green with envy and your enemies full of impotent rage!

Leave Dwarves in 'Ore' of your mining skills as you thunder through the mines like a whirlwind.


Rare Tool Perks


Takes 10% Less Damage

Enchants Last Longer

A Rare Pickaxe Will Return Higher Ql Ore**

Rare tools are 0.1seconds faster

Ore Will Exceed Ql Cap Of Tile


*(Only previous bidders can bid in the extended auction)

**[(tested at 55 mining, returns 56.5ql ore)Uncomfirmed~minimum gain of 0.5ql up to 99 mining]

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In my experience, you don't get the full 1 QL bonus at the higher end.  At 90 QL you might get .5-.6 or so additional QL.


Happy bidding.


Edit: I tested it.  WIth 92.94 mining, with a rare pickaxe I'm getting 93.39 QL ore...or a total of .45 extra QL.

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