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Potential exploit... Digging on roads.

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with under 20str you cant dig on/adjacent to roads, yet attempting to still runs the action timer, and gives all the skillgains.. body, bodystrength, bodystamina, mind, mindlogic, digging, misc items, shovel ...exploit?


I cant see that there are that many benefits apart from not having to drop the dirt, which is annoying and marginally time consuming.

but is does allow someone with a keybind to hammer away on the keyboard every 10-15 seconds while doing something else.

it's a quick way to get you to the skills needed to be a follower, or to 20str for griefing pavement, and of course because roads are often flat and level you can get a decent headstart on the digging skill without the hassle of the slopes being too steep to dig.


over all i know it's not a major exploit, so may not even need rectifying, that's your call not mine. ;)

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That would only work untll they got 20 body str, which wont take very long, so not really such a big deal.

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