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New Palestine: Not as bad as Detroit

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Does any of the following describe you?

  • You have an "unhealthy" love for farm animals
  • You ate dirt as a child
  • You think of bricks as "adult legos"
  • You torture pigs by force feeding them dishwater


If so then there is a home waiting for you in New Palestine. We are currently looking for new or old players looking to train farming, taming, building, carpentry and fine carpentry skills in a community of upcoming tradesmen.


What we offer:

  • Community farm space and breeding pens, with room to expand should you want to take either operation commercial
  • Opporunities for joint venture or part time employment with Rhodesian Supply Co
  • Easy access to materials for use in village projects, or at below market prices for personal projects.
  • Village discounts on any good or service offered by any member with an emphasis on bartering goods.
  • Public housing and care packages available for new players.

Who we are:


A community of individuals supporting eachother in reaching our colorful and varied aspirations. From market motivations to personal milestones we model our skills and specialties in way to compliment eachother and contribute to our overall success.


The Xanadu question:


Should release be connected to Xanadu, we will plant a deed there as well. We are in no rush to move anywhere right now and any move we make will be gradual. Any villagers that wish to move to Xanadu with us will be provided with transportation for any and all belongings and provided with materials to rebuild on the new deed.




PM Bottle, Sailforfail, or Tallest in game with any questions or interest, or contact Bottle via the forums.

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