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Currently found really huge order, so we are not accepting BIG orders now. But if you need something like 100 marble slabs, we are totally for it.

We are now working on canal which will connect crystal lake and small lake north of it. We are not accepting new bulk orders of any size until the canal is finished.

Payment problems due to new Russian laws regarding internet transactions. We are currently closed till at least September. All existing orders are finished.


A village of The Darkest place is at your service if you need something!
We do have different skills in different areas. While we don't have much outstanding yet, its the quality of service that we try to keep high.
Atm, with 41 ship building we are actively working on our knarr to make sure that not only we will be able to deliver to different servers, but also at any wind.
Contact Dartaranius ingame or me here on the forums or PMs.
What we do or sell:
Here is a list of what I, Dartaranius, can do myself:

  • All kinds of digging jobs and materials. With 72 digging and good shovel, we can dig some slopes for you, make your deed flat or even expand your territory into an ocean. We can also provide you with 70 QL dirt, clay, tar and so on or simply sell some low QL dirt for flattening purposes and even help you flatten.
  • Carpentry works: with 68 carpentry and 44 fine carpentry, we can provide you with a wagon filled with large crates. 4 free bisons also given if you take both wagon and crates. Also, we make any carpentry and subskill production of 50 QL. We have only 51 woodcutting, so higher ql is currently unavailable. Note: we don't sell boats of any kind, ship building makes them being built too slow.
  • Masonry: with 60 masonry and 51 stone cutting, we offer different kinds of items related to masonry. I have 54 mining and slowly working on it, so if you need some 60ql grindstone, feel free to tell us.
  • Buildings: with good masonry and carpentry along with woa mallet and trowel, we are able to quickly build a house for you. We can also plan a house for you if you have not enough carpentry. With 68 carpentry, we can plan you big multistoried mansion.
  • Repairing: got thousands of frying pans which are about to rot? With 50 repairing, repairing a pan takes very little time and with good patience which I have, I can get to you and help you with those. If you need general wall or total village repairing, then we are the people who you are searching for.
  • Prospecting and mining: with 44 prospecting, we can help you locate ores behind walls in your mine. We can also help you mine tiles that are on the way to ore. We can also help you with mining stone out if you are doing branch mining, decoration or any other reason why you may want to mine tiles out. We don't take payment if we were unable to help you.
  • Bulk items: 50ql mining production, woodcutting production, 70ql digging production, planks, bricks, mortar... any bulk goods you want we make, load and deliver. We don't take any extra coins for delivery on INDE.
  • Farming: we don't have that big amount of veggies of one kind, but we have a lot of different kinds of food in amount of about 300. Also, we sell cooked meat because we are near the grand steppe.
  • Jewerly smithing: if you need silver altars, we can make you one. We have a silver vein. Up to 45 quality can be done atm.
  • Paving: we can help you build road, pave your village or to help you build floors and roofs in your house.
  • Non-kill related jobs: if you need a pan filler or another person, who have to do boring job that does not require any skill, we are also at your service.

Those are goods and services which my covillagers (who are my close friends) can do:

  • Blacksmithing: 50 QL.
  • Leather working: at least 50 QL can be achieved, with grand steppe near leather is not a problem.

Here is a list of those bulk good which we know we can sell or even sold already. It is NOT even close to complete, because you can't remember every single item in wurm.
Stone bricks, mortar, planks, shafts, wooden scrap, kindlings (500 kindlings to Berrys was our first order when we were noobs, he never needed to make one himself from that moment), dirt, tar, clay, (peat) - not available near our village but we can go and search if you need it, sand, rock shards, iron, silver, copper, lead.
Technically, anything of quality below 50 can be sold as a bulk good.
Remember, contact me here on forums or PMs or Dartaranius ingame (+4 GMT, online between 16:00 and 2:00 in Moscow time, usually for longer period).
Best service for best comminuty! (seriously guys, you all are very nice).
Note: if you find better service, please tell us so that we can go in a corner and cry there for eternity.

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