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Wts Trader Deed on Indy

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SOLD/ Please close thread.


Want to sell trader deed on Indy. Has a trader in place. Smaller deed with a low upkeep of 1 silver a month. Located at Crystal Canal on Indy. It's been generating 7-8 silver a month on average.  I have no time to work it anymore. Asking a fair price.


40 Silver


This deed won't last long already have one interested buyer but i need the silver now.


98 days of upkeep paid start collecting trader profits right away.


Deed size is 8x8 with 1 silver a month upkeep.


Most structures been taken down except the trader house which is a 3x3 building.

I have writs to all other structures.


Deed is terraformed and ready for a nice development.


Has mines with Iron and other minerals near by.


I would post pictures but i don't know how to do that.


Location is New Tuscany Bluff at 54Y 42 X on the Map


I also own three more deeds in its surrounding area and will consider selling them.

I also was granted GM permission to make changes to those deeds that  i own that reside next to the protected canal.

Lots of potential for the right buyer.


Other Deeds  New Tuscany, Bearshark Overlook, Bearshark Evergreen Cones, all have upkeep paid on them, all there upkeep is 1 silver or less. All have access to mines with resources. Asking 8 silver each or a package deal.

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