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Ghostmonkey's Crafts

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Purple is the amount of Items.

Green is the price.


Deed To pick Up At


The deed is called "Revelstone" (y27, x38)

I can not deliver :( i'm sorry




500 bricks for 1s

500 colossus bricks for 1s

500 mortar for 1.5s

12 slate slabs for 1s

100 slabs for 1s

10 Coffin for 5c

1000 Stone shards for 1s

1000 marble shards for 1s

1000 slate shards for 1s

750 slate shingles for 1s




1000 dirt for 1s

1000 sand for 1s

1000 clay for 1s

750 peat for 1s




1000 planks for 1s

1000 shafts for 1s

12 floor boards for 1s

100 logs for 1s

1000 wood shingles for 1s



Fine Carpentry

5 Large Crate for 50c

5 Small Crate for 25c

5 Raft 45c

5 BSB for 30c

5 FSB for 30c

5 Large Chest 50c

Weapon rack 15c

Armour Rack 15c

Bow Rack 15c

Bed 30c


Black Smithing


100 Small nails for 20c

100 Large nails for 20c

100 Ribbons for 1s

100 Fence bars for 1.5s

100 Rivets for 20c


Ship Building Materials


100 Tenons for 20c

100 Pegs for 20c

100 Hull planks for 20c


How To Order


You make an order by leaving a comment, leave your game name and your time zone so I know when you might be coming to get it and who to contact, e.g.

"My game name is (Gamename) I would like (amount) of bricks and (amount) of peat my time zone is (timezone)"

of course you don't have to get bricks or peat, you can get anything i listed.

When i have finished the order i will say "(Gamename) your order is ready."

It's first come first serve.




1 speed horses 15c

2 speed horses 30c

3 speed horses 45c

4 speed horses 60c

5 speed horses 75c

All ages and colors are still the same price.

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Your in the wrong forum, this is not the P/R cluster market.

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Yeah, i made a mistake and i tried taking this post down, but i can't find how to delete it

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