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A Home for New Players

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Lemosa Docks

We are always pleased to offer invites for new players.  FORUM PM me :)  You are welcome to come, to learn, and to play. 
Privacy and Security
We have individual plots for each player with a secure yard for farming and animals, a forage and botany farm, great mines, tree farms, ironworks building, and town hall.  Everything you need to learn is here, and we have a Templar and Tower guards to protect you while you do. 
Though we offer a helping hand, each player has tasks before them just as they would in the wild (minus the constantly getting murdered part).
These task in include such things as felling trees, making planks, mining iron, smithing nails, and building your own home.  You have farming areas, hunting, fishing and cooking supplies available.
Venture just off deed or explore the deeper mines for an immediate taste of the wilds.  Hunting and fighting will come find you in short order.

You can ask in Alliance chat if you need help.  Just send me a forum message to get me by private email most days 6 AM to 10 PM US Pacific time.  Once joined, you have my private email posted every day as the village welcome message, with important news and new member welcome posts.


Welcome to Wurm!

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Thanks to everyone that came to play in the last two weeks.  We still have 3 of the 8 housing lots open, if anyone else needs a place to stay.


Wurm is waiting :)



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all 8 normal player lots are currently full but we have room for more housing in the hills above town, and can fit at least two more.  cya on.

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