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Hey everyone! 


I know a lot of folks generally don't enjoy grinding up their Thatching skill, but I've had need to lately and so I have.  With that being said I'm offering my services for thatched roofing.  Since I'll be taking jobs that require me to build roofs, I figured I might as well offer to build the other roof types as well.  This might seem a little odd, offering to build the other roofs that only take masonry skill, however I know there are some players out there who can build their own houses out of wood, but don't have the masonry required to put on a specific type of roof if they are looking for something other than wooden shingles.  I of course will supply the materials to build the roof sections.


In addition to roofing I can also build your houses for you if you supply the materials.  Below is a list of prices.  Comment here if you need any work done or pm me if you have questions or would like to negotiate or trade for work done.  I'll travel anywhere in Independence to work for a small traveling fee and only ask that you supply me with a bed and food if I need it.




Thatch                    = 50c traveling fee + 10c per tile

Pottery Shingle       = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile

Slate                       = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile



Stone brick            = 50c traveling fee + 2c per tile

Stone slab             = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile

Marble slab            = 50c traveling fee + 5c per tile



Wooden building    = 50c traveling fee + 5c per wall + 2c per floor/ceiling tile

Stone building        = 50c traveling fee + 6c per wall + 3c per floor/ceiling tile



If you'd like to purchase any carpentry made tools (fine fishing rod, fishing rod, grooming brush, mallet, wooden spindle, wooden spatula, or wooden clay shaper) pm me for details.

*Roofing costs only apply to jobs where you hire me solely for roofing without the construction of the buildings themselves.

**Paving is only for outside use as all other paving falls under house construction.  I will also provide the materials for such outside paving.

***Buildings that mix wood and stone walls will still be priced according to each wall type and floor/ceiling type.





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