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Guards are bugged, client crashes, lagging, animal movement

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I call tower guards and despite the usual "I see ... " and "I will help with ..." nothing happens.  They stand where they are and don't move.  You can call them ten times, they answer, but don't run to help.


Spirits are saying "I will take care of...." every few seconds, and nothing happens.  They keep saying it over and again, despite there being other dangerous mobs right at the token of my deed.  (Lava spider on the token, deed is huge).  The spirit is not taking care of the mob he is spamming local with, let alone the ones on deed.


I have had several lagging sessions, seriously lagging.


I have been booted and crashed several times tonight.


I have had an issue where I was booted off straight after connecting.  This happened on three different clients.


My animals are still not moving to graze, they stand in fields of grass on a pack tile as if they have a saddle on.


When can we expect these things to be sorted?



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1) Towerguards:

Make sure you are actually close enough to the tower itself, not just the guards.

Guards can wander off pretty far. 10 tiles from a tower is a safe bet that the guards will jump on the agro when called "help" in local.

I had them say their standard lines to and not attacking, but that changed when I moved closer to the tower (and thus the agro to).



2) Spirits:

He is probably trying to reach an agro in a collapsed part of a mine on your deed. If he has set his mind on killing that one, he wont kill others before he kills that one.

And since its probably in a collapsed mineshaft, the spirit cant reach it. Perhaps you can call for a GM, they should be able to locate the agro in the mines.



3) Lags:

Pretty common, but its been fine for a long while where I am. Probably just your connection to the servers located in germany that isnt tip-top. Dev's started a topic for this to collect data.



4) Crashes:

Yeah, I get them to, even at startup like you say, but its so completely random (and few) that I dont care much. I think in the latest dev-note they said they hired a professional to look at the "engine" of wurm for performance and such.


5) Animals:

No clue, mine run around fine

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I fixed the crashes by unticking vbo support and glsl shaders in settings-> compatibility window.

Animals definately do NOT move though. Mine also all pack the tiles they stand on and then starve instead of moving one tile forward where they could eat.

I lost several  animals until I noticed the problem. Very frustrating. It had been fixed before easter restart but now is broken again.

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