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Semi-new Player Looking to Join Village Near Divinity's Reach

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Hello everyone.

I am a somewhat new player that is semi-established in the wilderness east of Divinity's Reach, and I feel stuck in a loop. I have little to no neighbors, and am sharing the space with my brother, who has different playing hours than me. While this is great and all, I'm feeling very secluded and withdrawn. Grinding away at planks for hours with no one on my chat bar is not very fun after all.

Long story short, I'm a social creature, and I desire human interaction. I'm not overly talkative, but will certainly hold a conversation. I'm extremely interested in community and server projects and would love to be more involved.

Please respond to this post or PM Geomock in-game if you are able to help me out.


(Edit) Sorry everyone, I'm on the Release server.

Edited by Geomock

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